Michigan Friends of Companion Animals Coalition


Michigan Friends of Companion Animals is building a coalition of businesses, animal welfare organizations, foster-based rescues, shelters, veterinarians, dog groomers and boarding facilities to:

  1. Pass the Humane Pet Acquisition Ordinance in local communities, which will protect families from irresponsible pet retailers.

  2. Sign-on pet supply stores to the Puppy Friendly Pet Store program to make an official policy not to sell puppies or kitten

  3. Oppose HB 5916-17 which would strip local municipalities their authority to ban the sale of cruelly-bred dogs in their pet stores. 

  4. Pass HB 4332-33  The bills increase penalties for animal cruelty and include pet stores and breeders.

  5. Encourage local veterinary clinics and veterinarians to make an official policy which prohibits offering services to business enterprises which are profiting from the sales of live animals in exchange for client referrals.

About Us

Michigan Friends of Companion Animals is a coalition and network of businesses and animal welfare organizations supporting stronger laws and ordinances to protect animals in breeding facilities and families from irresponsible pet retailers. 

To Join

To join the coalition, please send your logo and letter of support on your organization's letterhead using the online form or send to pamsordyl AT gmail.com. Together we can foster more positive change throughout the state!

~ Coalition Brochure

~ Letter of Support Template